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*Name- Danielle
*Nickname[s]- Danster, Amanda, Dani-poop, Dan-Nut
*Gender- GUUURL
*Sexuality- Heterosexual
*Girlfriend/Boyfriend?- No =(
*Age- 16
*Location- CS, Florida
*Ten Bands/Musicians- Thursday, Modest Mouse, Queen, The Rapture, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hot Hot Heat, The Doors, Dashboard Confessional, Pretty Girls Make Graves, A Jealousy Issue
*Five Songs-
Take Me Out -Franz Ferdinand
Float On -Modest Mouse
We Are The Champions -Queen
House Of Jealous Lovers -The Rapture
Celebration Of The Lizard King -The Doors
*Five Movies- 28 Days Later, Requiem For A Dream, What About Bob?, Secret Window, aaaaaaand.......BEATLE JUICE (haha Gen)

You Opinions On:
*The upcoming Bush/Kerry election- I'm not big with polictics but I hope whomever can end this war for good, or atleast make me feel like we're not all going die sometime over this war should win the election
*Gay Marriage I believe that it will be legal one day for gays to get married. If you think about it, for some stupid reason everyone used to treat black people poorly and unequal. I think sometime all homosexuals will earn more rights, especially now that so many more are coming out of the closest and don't feel ashamed. All in all, I DEFINITELY agree with allowing gays to become married. All that matters is if they love each other enough to do so. It doesn't matter if one is a woman and one is a man.
*Drugs/Alcohol I think drugs and alcohol and pretty dumb. They give people excuses to act immature and out of control. I guess I feel like that because I know I can naturally just have a good time.
*Abortion I'm pro-choice. If they can't be held responsible for a new born life, then they should not have the baby. Adoption is another opition for a situation like this, but I personally know a family that have 2 adopted children in it and it is one of the most unstable families I know of. Adoption is only great when the parents treat the child(ren) nicely and fairly.
*Racism It's dumb. No one should dislike someone because of the way they look. EVER.

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