Rachel Mitchell Van Note (saltykisses) wrote in bionic_beauty,
Rachel Mitchell Van Note

Rachel Mitchell Van Note
*Nickname[s]- Rach. Ray. Cat Chow. Grona.
*Gender- Female
*Sexuality- Heterosexual.
*Girlfriend/Boyfriend?- Yup.
*Age- 15.
*Location- Florida
*Ten Bands/Musicians- Godsmack, infected mushroom, motorcycle, sublime, MSI, adema, beastie boys, nirvana, marcy playgrounds,  smile empty soul
*Five Songs-
EMF- unbelievable
Adema-so fortunate
infected mushroom- tasty mushroom
motorcycle-as the rush comes
*Five Movies-
Harry Potter (1&2)
The butterfly effect
Old School
Drop Dead Fred
Niptuck: First season...thats a movie, because i say so.
Your Opinion's On:
*The upcoming Bush/Kerry election:
umm...to be honest i didnt even know there was an election. None of these presidents have affected the way I live my life so I really dont pay attention to them. But when they do...then ill start to worry and bitch. So for now, i really dont care.
*Gay Marriage: IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. mahaha. just kidding. of course it should be legal, love is love.
*Drugs/Alcohol: People stress about it too much. Like those gay commercials on the radio. They think that playing the same stupid radio commercial five times about not smoking/drinking, is going to stop anyone? haha. yeah right. But all in all, do what you want to do. But its your fault where you end up.

*Abortion: Pro-choice.
If a teen gets pregnant and has a child, that child will not have a happy life. And the mothers life would pretty much be over. Unless you give it up to adoption, and that always doesnt turn out too easily.
*Racism: People are people. Everyones going to be racist against everyone. No one can stop it. So the whole law commitee needs to stop trying to enforce that law, people are going to be people. unless all the sudden we turn into monkeys.

3+ Picures

hahaha i look like a drug addict.

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