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*Name- Katelyn
*Nickname[s]- Katie-poo, Jingle Wiggy, Kittenlyn, Kat, Kittie
*Sexuality- bicurious
*Girlfriend/Boyfriend?-bf....[Ethan ♥] i love him very very much!
*Location-West Virginia
*Ten Bands/Musicians-Jack off Jill, Slipknot, My Ruin, Fear Factory, Seether, SOiL, Union Underground, Lacuna Coil, My Dying Bride, Bleeding Through
*Five Songs-Watch Me Slip By Unloco, Broken By Seether, Vivica by Jack off Jill, Vermillion Pt. 2 by Slipknot, World So Cold by Mudvayne
*Five Movies-Edward Scissorhands, Peter Pan [newer version], The Crow, lord of the Rings, Princess Diaries

You Opinion's On:
*The upcoming Bush/Kerry election- honestly i'm not much into the whole politics thing, but i really want bush out of office
*Gay Marriage- i'm for it. i have gay friends, and my godfather is gay. plus i'm bicurious n all.
*Drugs/Alcohol- ok i used to be a big drug head, and i learned my lesson. i do't think that people should push too much on the drug thing coz i know when people pushed me i went into heavier and more harmful things. when u tell someone not to do something 75% of the time they want to do it more. people just ahve to learn for themselves.

i like alcohol, and i'm not going to lie about that. no i don't like drunk driving or drinking while impregnated, but i think it's ok every once in a while. and i'll say this like i say about somkers, just bcoz a few fucked up doesn't mean u have to punish the whole group.
*Abortion i used to say abortin was wrong. but as i got older i started thinking well ' whut if i got pregnant now? yeah in a perfect world i would want to KEEP the baby. that's not much of an option bcoz i want to finish school and all that. so if i got pregnant there would be a good chance of me getting an abortion. i think women should have a choice.
*Racism- well where i live 98% of the population is white. i mean i haven't been exposed to much racism. BUT i do think it is wrong. BUT i also think some other cultures [ i mainly think of african americans when i say this] take it a lot overboard and blame everything on people discriminating them. [i'm not saying all black, or all mexican, or all asian. or w/e eople do this...but u can't deny some do.]

since i hate this picture, it's not like i don't expect u to. but at the same time i REALLY couldn't give a fuck les whut u think about the way i look. no i usually DON'T wear this make-up all the time, but i always wear make-up. this picture was taken when tana and i were goofing off so yeah,minus the black lipstick...this is basically whut i look like every day.

...eh but love me anyway ♥
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