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*Name- Alicia
*Nickname[s]- Sleepy Da Juggalette
*Gender- Female...
*Sexuality- Straight
*Girlfriend/Boyfriend?- Yes.. Domi...
*Age- 18
*Location- Dallas TX (WHOOP WHOOP)
*Ten Bands/Musicians- 1) TWIZTID 2) Insane Clown Posse 3) Kumbia Kings 4)Lil Rob 5) Mr Sancho 5) Mr Shadow 6) Psychopathic Rydas 7) Mase 8) Mr Junebug 9) Halfbreed 10) Bedlam
*Five Songs- Twiztid- On the other end, Psychopathic Rydas- Murder Follows Me, Mr. Junebug- Sittin' in the park, ICP- Cemetery Girl, Twiztid- Darkness
*Five Movies- 13 ghosts, Carrie 2, Big Money Hustlas, Taking lives, But i'm a cheerleader

You Opinion's On:
*The upcoming Bush/Kerry election: If bush is elected one more time... I swear to god...
*Gay Marriage: It's cool, we can't always choose who we love right?
*Drugs/Alcohol: I am O.K. with it... it's my body... I know my limits
*Abortion: I am catholic we say no... but personally unless ur raped u should keep it, if I laid down with a man it's my responsobility to take care of what I need to take care of.
*Racism: Why would you hate someone? I don't understand, when you bleed all of the blood is red. it's like hating who you are. If you hate who you are, then suicide is for you cause I dun need that bullshit...

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Muh Babyee...

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