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im a mod but i still want to fill out the app.

*Name- samantha LEIGH cail y0
*Nickname[s]- Spam, Da Cail Myster, Spamenatah, Spamtastic
*Gender- -fehmail- teehee
*Sexuality- i dont even know anymore. hahaha, im so sick of everyone.
*Girlfriend/Boyfriend?- nope.
*Age- 14 :(...15 August 12th though! w00t. get me a present. :)
*Location- tamarac/coral springs
*Ten Bands/Musicians- co&ca, Mae, The blood brothers, cursive, modest mouse, abreaction,Dashboard confessional, The doors, hot rod circuit, 1208, NFG, Franz Ferdinand, The lyndsay diaries
*Five Songs-
Co&Ca- Blood Red summer
Mae- Skyline Drive
The Blood Brothers- every breath is a bomb
Hot rod circuit-lets go home
1208-what i saw

*Five Movies-
sixteen Candles
Igby goes down
The dangerous lives of alter boys
The butterfly effect
Romeo and Juliet

You Opinion's On:
*The upcoming Bush/Kerry election-Im not political at all. but i hate bush, just because of the different opinions ive heard about him, and they're all bad. and im to lazy to form my own.
*Gay Marriage-how cliche of a question. of course everyone is going to say they should be legal, because they should. and if you're against that, than you're a major retard.
*Drugs/Alcohol-drugs are fun, so is alcohol. i do either when they're available, and i feel like it. im not going to shun you for doing them or not doing them, so i'd expect you to do the same with me.
*Abortion- im pro-choice all the way, i hate chauvenist pigs. im a bit of a feminist.
*Racism-everyone is a closet racist. admit it, you fucks. im just open with it sometimes. you all think 'nigger' and 'spic' when one cuts you off. i wouldnt say im racist, but i do have alot of racist tendancies. everyone does.

3+ Picures
im a camera whore, so im going to put like 65. :)

that is all, darlings. <333

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u are beautiful! heh and i LOVE the movie sixteen candles ♥
thank you

so pretty...